Friday Vintage Sightings "Syroco"

You've seen them around, maybe in your grandmother's decor, or rummaging thru the flea markets.  Syroco was named for the Syracuse Ornamental Company founded in the 1890's by an Austrian woodcarver, Adolph Holstein. Initially the Company produced ornamental carvings for the embellishment of coffins and furniture, as well as in the Governor's mansion in New York.  As demand increased, a molding technique was developed where Syroco could create perfect replicas of their original carvings. Their recipe of wood flour, waxes, and resins combined with compression molding created an inexpensive, but high quality product.  Later they integrated polymers into their molding process and then moved entirely into plastics production.  Production ended in the 1960s.  These vintage pieces are seeing popularity in what is being called "Vintage Hollywood Regency".  Look for them in pairs.

Molded plastic, love the details in this pair of sconces

An early pair of wood compositewall brackets

Nature themes were common in their early designs