Vintage Chalkware

Antiquing in Cape Cod is wonderful fun and during the off-season great finds and prices can be had.   So on our yearly jaunt to Chatham for lunch at the Chatham Bars Inn, we pulled into a shop that had stuff spilling out on all over the large ront porch.  My hunt and peck was in full motion.  After exhausting myself moving a massive concrete planter, I see the great reveal:  Jacque and Jill.  The conversation went as follows:  Me: "Wow Cindy, look at these are old chalkware lamps".  Cindy: "Niki, those are hideous, look at their eyes, they're creepy".   Me:  "Well, I can paint over the eyes, maybe repaint the entire lamp."  Cindy:  "Seriously how are you going to get those home?".    By the end of the day I had them boxed up and shipped back to Virginia with enough bubble wrap to sink a ship.   

Chalkware figurines were either made of sculpted gypsum or cast from plaster molds and painted with watercolors.  They were made first beginning in the late 18th century, ending by the beginning of the 20th century.  Chalkware again picked up popularity during the Great Depression which is probably about the time Jacque and Jill were made. 

Quirky, kitschy, creepy ... I can't wait to transform these into chic decor.