A 1980s Bathroom Rennovation

When I got a call to help an Alexandria homeowner rennovate their masterbath the first thing we did was establish the design direction -she loved blue, he wanted modern, and we agreed to keep the existing white cabinets.  The modern was achieved through the tile selections and layout and discipline with clean line elements.  The blues were brought in but we kept to selections in the blue gray tones for a more sophisticated look.  They were thrilled with the final results.  Check out the before and afters.


Checkerboard, needed to go

Laminate counters and drop-in sinks, needed to go

The bridge, needed to go

Small white wall tile and fiberglass floor, needed to go


New quartz counter tops with undermount sinks
no more bridge

12" x 24" tiles give visual expansion
with accent mosaics for design interest

Modern tile design

Creating niches adds interest and does 
away with corner shelves

Love the harlequin floor

Modern and square shower fixtures
Always take tile to the ceiling

Shower curb faced with quartz

Square fixtures and sink