Goodbye to the Bowl - Circular Shower Drains Nomore

Traditional shower floors are like a bowl - the center is deeper than the edges thus allowing for good water drainage.

Today, we can say goodbye to the bowl and hello to sleek linear shower drains.

A linear drain is installed at the edge or wall of the shower and virtually disappears from view. In the past, homeowners and designers have been constrained by center drains when selecting tile and other accouterments for a shower. No longer are mosaic tiles the best choice (due to the ease of installing with a circular drain in the center of the shower floor) for a new shower because the linear drain can be tucked along the floor's edge so your floor tile/materials choices are now almost limitless.

A tile-top linear drain is one of the hottest looks now - that is if you even notice it! This is a sleek and contemporary way to disguise the function of the drain with serious style!

If you're ready to make a change in your bathroom, please ask Niki for some help so that you too can say Goodbye to the Bowl!