Slip into Summer with Slip Cover Couture

In the days before home air conditioning was available, it was common to put slipcovers on upholstered furniture in the hot months of the year to protect the upholstery fabric from sweat.  In some cities in the northeast, slipcover tailors were sometimes given the nickname "summertime millionaires" as their busy season was in the spring and summer.  In the 1960s, technology and production techniques made it possible to manufacture furniture that could be sold at prices at or below the price of a custom-made slipcover, and the practice of custom slip covering for a time declined.  In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in custom slip covering driven by the interior design industry and the popularity of the very casual shabby chic design style. 

Creating a beautiful slipcover for your furniture is akin to having a well tailored dress or suit.  Covered buttons, pleats, ruffles, epaulets and embroidery are some of the couture details I like to bring out on a slipcover the that can dress up or down your furniture. 

VanEch Studio now offers custom monogramming on slipcovers as well as pillows and table linens.

Crisp fabrics such as linens and cotton chitz hold up well in slipcover construction.  Light weight wools and wovens work well too.   In selecting a fabric consider the texture and color of the fabric on the upholstered piece to ensure that it won't show thru to the slipcover. 

The labor to make a custom slipcover is much the same as upholstery.  The cost savings may be in the fabric choice.