Vintage & Market Finds - Wooden Dough Bowls

Containers of all sorts fascinate and inspire me so when I recently came onto a lot of old wooden dough bowls in an assortment of sizes I scooped them up.   In the first half of the 20th century, Magyar bakers at farmhouses in Hungary and other Eastern European countries used these hand-carved, antique wooden bowls to make bread each morning.  Each bowl is an antique and bears individual marks of use and history.  So no two are alike and they come in all sizes and wood finishes.

 The enormous vessels shown above, some measuring 60" long, make fabulous outdoor centerpieces and that's what I had in mind before writing the check for my purchases.

 Find plantings and clippings from your garden or grocer.   I've used boxwood and fresh flowers, moss and antlers to create these natural outdoor arrangements.  Gourds and cabbage would be a lovely combination for a fall look.  The sky is the limit but keeping it simple and balanced can have the most aesthetic impact.

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