Bullion Fringe Comeback

Bullion fringe, pronounced "bool yuhn" has always been a go to embellishment for many designers, and today we are seeing a resurgence in its use.  Bullion has it's origins in France, and was used to describe the thick cords covered in gold and silver that adorned uniforms.  In decorating, these cotton and silk threaded fringes are most often used on the skirts of upholstered furniture to provide a couture look.  Growing up I recall the bullion fringed stool at my mother's vanity, how fascinated I was with all the twisted cords.   Many years later when she passed away, I salvaged the fringe for use in a new upholstered piece.  These fringes can run as little as $5/yard all the way up to $80/yard depending on it's complexity and what it is made out of.    Like many trims, bullion can transform the ordinary upholstered piece into something unique and luxurious.  At the bottom of this post, check out the fascinating video on how this awesome fringe is made. 

The fringe I removed from my mother's vanity stool

For casual looks try a jute fringe, a favorite go to with burlap and natural linen.

 In this monochromatic room, the fringe adds texture and interest

 Tablecloths hemmed in the silky cords look amazing too.

 This bullion has an added tassle for the wow and feminine factor

 Ottomans are a perfect piece to embellish with bullion