The Art of Re-Purposing

When I was growing up, it wasn't at all unusual for me to snatch up from the ground a brightly colored glass shard, an old bead or rusted bolt.   These were abandoned objects and in them I saw all sorts of re-purposed possibilities. Today, when time permits, I seek out the studio space in my basement and pour over my plastic bins and the layering of found objects begins as one item leads to the placement of the other.

 An old plinth block was the canvas for "A Wish and a Prayer"
The heart is an old tart tin mounted to a 19th century photo case

This was a vintage biscuit tin can embellished with this wonderful
 old prairie photograph, drawer pull and celluloid farm toy from the 30s.

 The bezel for this necklace is an old faucet valve

 An artist brought these to me in my store, she created these cuff
bracelets from old license plates, just fabulous!

 Vintage clip earrings repurposed into a bracelet. 
Popular sellers in my shop.

 An old Victorian change purse

 Tin types, haunting and beautiful

"A Lock on My Heart"

"Eat Cake"

All images the property of VanEch Studio.

Re-Purposed Furniture by VanEch Studio

Original table in beat-up condition
Never judge a piece of furniture at first glance! I found this table at a second hand store and it was in bad condition on the top - lots of water damage and scratches.  But I loved the classic design so I decided to re-purpose it. I created two narrow wall tables from this one old piece.

For those who want to attempt this DIY project, the steps below are what I did. For those who would rather have me do the dirty work, please call me 703-598-1036 and I will help you find and create a treasure from trash!

Remove the center extension and gate legs and separate the ends
  • Determine desired depth of table and mark lines with a straight edge on either end of table
With a Saws All, saw through table using a straight edge to keep a clean, straight line

  • Fill  gouges with wood fill and sand out scratches
I applied two coats of Annie Sloan Old Ochre Chalk Paint

  • Gently distress paint finish
  • Apply and buff one coat of clear wax
Anchored to wall with "L" brackets